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YouTube has forced us to use Max Resolution at 480p in India.


Last week YouTube restricted the video resolution to SD (480p) by default. If the user wants to consume the contents with high resolution then they have to change the resolution manually. YouTube had done this to reduce the load from the internet service providers as most of the people are working from home during this Corona Virus mishap.

Now, YouTube has strictly restricted the resolution to 480p for all. You can’t even change the resolution manually. The max resolution is 480p for all the YouTube videos.

This restriction is there only for India. Slowly YouTube has restricted this across most of the cities in India. Initially the restriction was for Delhi and Mumbai but now its across most of the cities. As per the data India has maximum number of users who consumes internet on there smartphone (all thanks to JIO), that is the reason YouTube has taken this action to release load from the internet service providers. This restriction is for both Android and IOS.

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As of now the restriction is for 1 month but that may extend depending up on the situation.


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    very nice post dear fried keep it up your work with hard struggle , Yes you are right 480 is good resolution

  2. nice info for youtuber

  3. how can i disable the Auto video playing in youtube, it is using my mobile data..

    1. In the youtube playlist one button is there “Auto Play”. Just try to disable that.

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