What is Project Soli?

 What is Project Soli?

​Google announced the Project SOLI at 2015 I/O conference. Since then Google was working on this project and the outcome of the project is Google SOLI Chip. This chip can be used in computers, wearable devices, and mobile phones.

What is Project Soli Chip?

Google Project Soli

Google’s SOLI is a chip that can track your motion actively. It uses RADAR for real-time motion tracking. By using the RADAR it can detect human hands motion and operate according to the gestures.  The size of the chip is 8mm X 10mm, which means it can be used in very small wearable devices. Within this site, it can fit the sensors and antennas.


How does Google Soli Chip work?

So it works by emitting magnetic attraction waves with objects at intervals the beam reflective data back to the antenna. The information gathered from the reflected signals. Then the signals give information about the interaction. Soli can detect complex signals (complex hand gestures) and it can process those signals.


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