New rules for Domestic flights in India
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New rules for Domestic flights in India. AarogyaSetu app is compulsory for adults

  • Elders, pregnant ladies, passengers with health issues should avoid travel.
  • No physical check-in can be done, only those with web-check-in to be allowed.
  • Airlines should adhere to fares advised by the government.
  • Aarogya Setu App mandatory, those marked red on it can’t fly.
  • Masks mandatory, full protective suit for cabin crew.
  • No meals to be given.
  • Only one check-in bag allowed.
  • Report two hours before the flights.
  • Airlines to do health check-up of all crew regularly (which means no #coronavirus test I suspect)
  • The entry to lounges, prayer room, kids playroom, smoking room, etc. to be highly regulated.
  • Passenger to collect the safety kit (three-layered surgical masks, etc) from the airlines near the boarding gate.
  • A passenger in a containment zone cannot fly, they need to give an undertaking for all the rules of flying in violation will result in penal action.
    Maximum of one hand baggage.
  • Wear masks on the entire journey.
  • Passenger should travel in an authorized taxi/personal vehicle following the
    norms specified by MHA.
  • Passengers would not be permitted to consume any eatables inside the
    aircraft during the flight
  • No queuing in front of the washroom
  • On arrival at the destination, passengers may have to follow state health protocols.

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