How to install WordPress Manually
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How to install WordPress Manually?


There are certain risks involved if you are doing a quick install of WordPress. Apart from that if you are a beginner to WordPress industry, you must have a good knowledge of Cpanel, database, user, Wp-config, user privileges. In this article, I will show you how to install WordPress without having any issues?

Why do you need to Install WordPress Manually?

There are certain security risks involved if you are doing a quick install of WordPress. Doing manual installation is straightforward and more secure.

Manual installation of WordPress is taking a little time but you may measure the issues.

What are the major security issues?

  • The quick installation of WordPress automatically creates database naming as wpurx (example). If you create another quick installation then the database will be called wpurx2. This is an easier task for a person to get your database serial name easily.
  • Quick installation can create a table prefix name as “wp_ ” to your table, which is very easy for a person to track your login credentials.

Note: If you are installing WordPress automatically, we recommended you to change the table prefix name immediately.

  • It is recommended you install the latest version of WordPress which is faster and come with more security updates.

As i told you creating a database and user name is a very easy task for you and links it to your WordPress site. Here i am using the Godaddy Cpanel for the demo. Don’t go for complicated databases, this is only the matter of creating the name and changing the name. Instead of asking Why do you need a manual WordPress installation, better ask us why not to do a manual installation? Let’s Begin,

How do you install WordPress Manually?

Creating the Database and User Name:

The first process is you’ll need to create the database and user name in your host’s. When working on Godaddy, you’ll need to go to “MYSQL Database Wizard, create a New Database. mysql1 Start creating an anonymous name for your database. You can name it whatever you’ll think, it should satisfy the criteria of your Host. Once you’ve created your database, you’ll need to create “Database Users.” Again you can type a name as your wish. While creating the password, you must choose a strong password with more than ten characters (recommended). Click create. Once create the user name, the next step is to add the user to the database. It will again ask you to select the Privileges. After selecting all the privileges, click on the Next Step. Click on “Return to the MySQL Databases” If you are working on Godaddy Hosting, you’ll find the User you’ve created is not connected to the Databases. mysql5 The next step is, you’ll have to link your Database with User. For continuing the process you’ll scroll down and check the “Add User To Database” section. Here you can select the User which you have created and select the Database. click Add. mysql7 Next Part is,

Downloading WordPress & Upload it to the Cpanel and start installing WordPress.

For downloading the latest version of WordPress click here By default, WordPress download as a .zip file.

How to upload WordPress .zip file to the Host?

To install WordPress, you’ll log back to your Host Cpanel. Open the File Manager, go to the “public_html” on your left sidebar. You’ll select the “upload” and start uploading the WordPress .zip file and start extracting it in the Cpanel. Again it depends upon your host where the zip file is extracted or the simple idea is to move all the zip files into a folder and name it. Congrats You have installed the WordPress to your Cpanel. The next step is to add the Database and user name to your WordPress PHP file. Once you have uploaded the .zip file to your domain, you can go to your domain and type where you will find the following steps to complete the WordPress setup. Select your language and click Next. Let’s recall the Database and User name and click on Let’s go! Here you need to add the Database Name, Username and type your password. Don’t change the Database Host and it should be the same “localhost”. Open Table Prefix you should type the Unique value. (Remember it’s a major part) Click on Run the Installation Before installing the WordPress it will ask you for the Site title, your User name (it should be the unique name to enter into the WordPress admin access), Password (recommend password should be more than ten characters), Email (type the right email to reset the password in future). Don’t click on search engine visibility (for a new site it’s good to uncheck the privacy option so that search engine ignore your site until it’s ready) Click on “Install WordPress” Congratulation You have installed the WordPress. Check our Latest Blog: Google Web Stories If you are facing any issue, comment here and our team will contact you soon.


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