How much should a WordPress site cost?
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How much should a WordPress site cost?


Setting up a self-hosted WordPress site, blog, or eCommerce site is one of the most expensive things. Even you don’t know how much should a WordPress site cost for you. Either you are a beginner or you want an agency to do the site for you.

If you are setting up a WordPress site it will cost you for free. WordPress is an open-source platform and you can easily download the WordPress source file from site. In fact, there are a few other costs you’ll keep in mind while setting up a WordPress site. You should consider a few points in your mind when you are planning to start investing in a site.

In this article, we’ll be looking for some WordPress pricing and budget. This article includes the budget for domain name registration, hosting cost, WordPress theme cost, backup cost, WordPress plugin cost, and the designer cost.

How much a WordPress site cost?

As we mentioned above the WordPress is an open-source platform and you can easily download it from it’s official site So it’ll no cost for you. It will provide you an open platform to customize a site from scratch. You’ll find a lot of theme and plugin options from the “Appearance menu”.

This will help starter, blogger, and small business owners but a premium theme can solve all your problems. It will cost you but as a result, you will get the best design according to your choice.

How much does a domain name cost?

A domain is a primary part of your business when you’re set up a site. A domain name is used as an address of a site. It will recognize you over the search engine page.
Note: When you are a starter or want to set up WordPress site without purchasing the domain you should start your site It will provide you a self-hosted domain for free. When you think up your business as a serious issue you can purchase the domain name from the company and add it as a custom domain.

Purchase your domain name asap if you are staring at your business and take it as a serious step and reach to more people. Here are some best companies that are providing the best domain name.
I can recommend Godaddy, Bigrock, Google Domains.

Though .com, .co are the best options for you to recognize as the top-level domain in the industry. There are 100 options for you to start purchasing the domain.

cost: $15 per year

How much a WordPress hosting cost?

The next step is taking a server/ hosting for the life of the site. More importantly, you should think about how much a WordPress hosting cost me? Determine your requirement and audience usage you should think about the hosting cost.

There are many options to think about before you purchase the hosting package. A starter or blogger can use the shared hosting most nowadays. It means your website is live in a minute of setup. Almost every blogger doesn’t need any type of security or backup from the starting days. This is the best option for you. You should think about this.

If you are expecting a large audience network or security features you should go with dedicated hosting or you have options with VPS (Virtual Private Server). With a large audience network and eCommerce sites, it is the best option for you.

Hosting Price:

An average hosting price starts from $5-$15 per month. If you pay for the whole year in advance it’ll be cheaper for you. You should always think about the reliable hosting service company first. Nowadays many big companies are providing SSL certificates along with the hosting cost. If you are planning for one-year long hosting, then you will get it easily.

I recommended you try at least hosting for 3 months if you are a blogger and if you are planning for long time you can continue it.

Cost: $5-$25 per month or $60-$300 PER YEAR

How much a WordPress theme cost?

A WordPress theme can make a website easily. It will help you to change the look/ feel of a website. Many WordPress themes come with many features and integrations. Try to find out the right theme which can give a new look to your site.

The theme select by you is always mobile responsive and looks good on every device whether it is mobile devices or it is PC. This is a major part of your WordPress site which can attract the visitors first. My recommendation is to invest your time with the WordPress theme and start selecting some best themes.

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Premium themes always give you a new look and extra features with extra integration. Start customize your theme and give a new look. Start finding the premium themes from different sites.
I recommended you to find the best theme from Themeforest, Mojo Marketplace, Creative Marketplace, Jojo-themes. Themes can cost you $50-$200 one time and it will be a lifetime benefit for you.

Cost: $25-$200 One time

What other cost WordPress site have?

You may consider some premium plugins if you are going with an advanced setting. It might be Page builder, SEO plugins, Contact plugins, Booking form, Woo-commerce integration, payment gateway plugins.

Follow my related links to get a better idea of above the plugins and page builders:

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If you should consider about the cost for a designer or developer, it depends upon the experience of WordPress designer. Some designers take hourly based and some may ask for a one time cost.
You may consider $10-$30 PER HOUR depend upon the developer’s experience. If you want to set up a one time cost it should be $200-$800 for one time cost depend upon your website customization.

Then, you should think about the backup of your site and managing the Cpanel and hosting. It will be a different costing if you are not hiring any designer or developers.

Cost: $10-$30 PER HOUR & $200-$800 ONE TIME COST

The final budget on how much should a WordPress site cost:

Answering all the questions above, even no one should tell you the actual WordPress website cost. Every website has different customization and different needs. Some may start with a blog, some may start with a service website or some may start with eCommerce sites or business sites.

If you are focusing on a large audience or you are representing an eCommerce site then you might take a VPS or dedicated server which costs you higher. Start your website with a small hosting then switch to a large server.

So the overall WordPress site can cost you as mention above:

Domain cost: $15
Hosting cost: $5-$25 PM or $60-$300 PA
WordPress theme cost: $25-$200 One time
Designer/ Developer cost: $400 at an Average

If you are planning a full-featured website and make it mobile responsive the cost might be $250-$1000 annually. If you consider the developer cost as one time.


If you are planning for making any WordPress site and make it fully featured it will cost you an average price. Some companies may provide you Hosting and website maintenance with including the website development cost. You must be focus on what is your website audience and aim of your website. Secondly, you must prepare a plan for making a great site to show off your site to the audience with a great look.

Share your experience in the comment section or contact us to get advice on how to set up your 1st WordPress website. We’ll look forward to starting discussions with you.


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