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Google Meet is free, Google’s new release for the LockDown

Google Meet

Since the world is locked down because of COVID 19, all the meetings, classes, and friendly gatherings have moved online. In hosting online video conferencing, ZOOM has the highest number of users.


To compete with ZOOM, Google is constantly pushing new features and updates to the conference application, Google Meet. But now Google has decided to go after ZOOM with full force by making the Google Meet app free. That means anyone can use this app now for free.
Previously the app was restricted to only G Suite users. But now anyone can use this app with a G Mail account. Slowly google is releasing this App to everyone and it will reach you within a few weeks.

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You can enroll your account here.

The participants, who want to join the conference must have a Gmail account as well. Its allowing max of 100 users in a conference.

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For additional security, All video calls and recordings are encrypted in transit, meeting codes are complex, and there are a host of admin controls will be there. The conference will be limited to 60 mins for the free tier. Till September 30 you can use the Google Meet app without any restriction (because of the COVID 19 situation).
Everyone has a Gmail account now. So Google is looking forward to gaining a good market response with this App GOOGLE MEET.


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