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Create Google Web Stories


Get ready to create a web story for your site. Google web stories plugin can help you to create amazing web stories on your new blogs. WordPress users start getting more traffic with the help of this plugin.

Google recently announced a beta WordPress plugin that helps WordPress bloggers to create new stories. Google Web stories is an advantage for getting more traffic, top on google SERP, google images and getting highly indexed.

What is Google web stories?


All the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and twitter have their stories with own versions. Where you can add your stories for 24 hours and it will automatically be deleted. Google is also trying to do something new with SERP stories. Google created a beta plugin for WordPress publishers to take advantage of new SERP stories.

Web stories is basically a part of Google AMP project.

What are the guidelines of Google web stories:



  • Not more than 200 characters per page
  • Text below 10 words per page
  • Minimum of font-size: 24
  • 1 Link per page
  • 1 Affiliate link per page
  • Videos – Less than 15 seconds
  • Shot at 480p

Benefits of Google web stories:



Google web stories are web format which looks attractive for mobile end users. Start creating short stories and published them immediately.

How to install Google web stories WordPress plugin:





We need to install the web stories plugin from the Google Github site. It’s an official site of Google. This plugin is not available on the WordPress plugin directory. You’ll have to download the zip file from Github and install the plugin.


Download the Plugin and install the plugin to your wordpress site. On the next, click the Upload plugin button. Download the Plugin and install the plugin to your wordpress site. 

Choose the Zip file. On the next, click the Upload plugin button.

After install WEB stories, Click on Stories.

I have created a sample file. Create new stories, preview it and let’s published it. 

Stories are live on the URLs, find it and share it. As of now you, users are not going to visit page and overview the entire topic. We might consider some best stories according to the topic can attract the users.

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