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Complete review of Elementor Pro – What extra features you should know


Do you ever use Elementor Pro Page builder for your WordPress site? Forgot about other 100’s of plugin to install in your site, elementor pro almost provides you all the features.

For testing Elementor Pro into my site I have installed Elementor pro plugin to my site. I have created a test page and choose page attributes as Elementor Full width.

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You will find 100+ instant landing pages from Elementor Library with various restaurant pages, medical, agency page, hotel landing page, education page, online courses, home decoration, photography tourism page, gym, law, business page, marketing landing page with simply click your mouse button.

elementor pro pages

You can zoom in and check your landing page demo. Elementor pro provides you unlimited times of review and solution if you are a pro-customer. If you select any landing page, click on insert.
To insert your page you need to click on “get started” and you will redirect to the elementor template library where you need to enter your elementor Email id and password for use of unlimited pages and more functions. You can also import template.

elementor pro 4
elementor pro

Elementor Pro blocks:

Do you ever use blocks in elementor?

Elementor pro provides 100+ premium blocks to the user. You can use footer, contact us, FAQ, pricing, creative chart, review, testimonial, and many more blocks.

elementor pro blocks

Elementor Widget:

Posts widget:

You can display a list of posts, portfolios, pages including custom post types with various layouts. You can set columns to 2, 3, 4, and up to 6.

elementor pro portfolio widget

Portfolio widget:

A portfolio widget allows you to display your post, page, and custom post types with a creative layout.

Form widget:

You don’t need to add any contact form plugin if you have elementor pro. You can choose a Form widget for creating your contact form at any place of your website. You can simply drag and drop your name, email, and many more at any time. Elementor pro provides you Actions after submit, Email setting and many features into it.

elementor pra form

Login widget:

Using the elementor pro login widget you can create a custom login form for your users and admins. Designing beautiful login form, add login form to any pages, redirect after login and redirect after log out to any page is not so easy to create in WordPress. Using elementor pro page builder you can create it easily.

elementor pro Login

Slides Widget:

Slider is the most important part of every website. Website admin always trying different slider plugins to look attractive. You should too do the same. Elementor pro provides you slider widget to add post sliders, image sliders. Customize the slider height, navigation, autoplay, slider speed, ken burns effect (slider zoom in zoom out) are the features of elementor sliders. You can find a lot of features.

Nav Menu widget:

Have you ever tried for a customized menu or creating a new menu apart from the theme you are using? Elementor pro provides you with Nav Menu widget to create a header menu and footer menu for your site. Save your nav menu as Template and use it over every other page header and footer.

elementor pro Nav Menu

Animated Headline:

Animated headline allows you to grab the attention of users for highlighting a text or animation.

elementor pro 11 Animated headlines2
elementor pro 11 Animated headlines


This widget helps you to set your price list over a site. But you can’t customize more because elementor pro doesn’t have any big update on the price list.
It looks like a restaurant menu. A simple and good widget for catalogs, product lists.


Price table:

If you are selling products or services, it looks perfect for you. A stunning price table for your company.
Design your price table with a great color combination, animation effect, highlighted area, and many more with one solution. Add your purchase link to the Price table directly.

Flip Box:

Show your products, services, or highlight point of your business through Flipbox. Create a call to action box using this widget.
Advantage of Flip Box:
Make your Flip box more attractive by adding 3D Depth effect, Flip effect to it.
Inside Flip Effect: You will find Flip, Slide, Push, Zoom in, Zoom Out, Fade effect.

elementor pro Flipbox


Add your reviews to your website to gain more customer attraction. You can add Facebook, Google+, Twitter reviews through this widget. Give your client name, reviews, and add images to the widget.

elementor pro Reviews


Add a countdown to your event, landing page, or landing. Add anywhere, customize your design and layout at any time.

elementor pro countdown

Facebook Embed:

This is the best option for a blogger or startup to add social media directly.

elementor pro Facebook embed

What are the options:

Facebook Button: Add your Facebook page like the button to the website. You need to set up Facebook App integration to the elementor page builder before adding this widget.

Facebook Comments: Add your Facebook comment box directly through this widget. Users can comment on your website also. Before adding this option to your site you need to add the Facebook APP id to the elementor page builder.

Facebook Embed: This option may help you to show your Facebook post directly. You need to only set up an Integration setting before using this widget. Add your Facebook app id to the elementor page builder.

Facebook Page: This widget helps you to add your Facebook page directly to the site. Copy your Facebook page URL and paste it here.


More than 1 Million users using the Elementor pro version and it will less time to set up a new website. You can purchase it from the elementor official site. The only suggestion is using less plugin on your website and add only one Elementor pro to the site.
If you are using elementor pro please share your review here. I will definitely look into it. If you find any other feature which is inside the premium version please contact us.

elementor pro pricing

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