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Best WordPress SEO Plugins


With over 90 million WordPress websites are exist over the internet. Over 500 new websites are created daily using All WordPress designers testing 100 plugins daily for SEO and other purposes. However, the question is whether your website is search friendly or not? Are you using the correct Meta description, SEO title, keywords for your website? If you are using blogger or WordPress for writing blogs or other business websites, you need to understand about the SEO plugins for WordPress.

In this article, we will recommend 5 best WordPress SEO plugins. We will compare the prices, benefits of SEO plugins over your WordPress website.

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Features and benefits of SEO plugins:

If you are a content writer or Website owner and not using any SEO plugins or SEO descriptions on your website then Google won’t allow your website for ranking. For writing rich content and attract your visitors, SEO plugins help you to rectify your error. It will help you to find the correct keyword based on your content, proper meta description, SEO title, the alt tag for images, Favicon, internal and external links for your website.

Search engines are the most important source for getting traffic to your website. For increasing the visibility of your website over any search engine page you need to optimize your website. This SEO plugins exactly did the same thing for you.

5 best SEO plugins:

Here’s a quick view of the best SEO plugins for WordPress. We recommend you to try them to your website and see the result over search engines.

Yoast SEO:

Yoast seo

Yoast SEO becomes one of the most popular SEO plugins among the WordPress plugin directory. More than 5 million+ users already download this plugin. It will help you in improving your WordPress content and optimizing your content for search engines. Till now this plugin helped millions of websites around the world. You can download the free Yoast SEO plugin from WordPress plugin directory. Premium Yoast SEO plugin can help you more features and benefits for faster indexing and better SEO.

Rank Math:

rank math seo plugin

Rank math is the most famous SEO plugin in India. This plugin provides you complete features what other premium plugins have. If you will compare this plugin with other free plugins, you will find a lot of features here. Very easy setup with a modular framework and add up to 5 keywords for optimization. More than 3,00,000+ users already download this plugin.

seo plugin

All in one SEO Pack:

All in one seo pack seo plugin

All in one SEO pack is the most famous SEO plugin with more than 2 Million+ users download this plugin. The setting is very easy to configure. You can write the title format of Page, post, category, tag, and monitor the 404 error page. It can generate an XML sitemap of your website. It can automatically submit sitemap to Google, Bing search console. It can also help you with social media optimization. All in one SEO provides you video sitemap.xml for videos.

SEO Press:

SEO press seo plugin

SEO press plugin is a better option for your WordPress website to Optimize quickly. This plugin helps you to detect what are the issues on your website. SEO Press helps you to detect SSL certificate, Google Sitemap details, Titles & Metas, Google analytics detect, redirect issues, image alt tag details. More than 1,00,000+ users download this plugin.

The premium version of this plugin provides you more features. Url rewrite, RSS feed, 404 monitoring, and many more. The cost of this plugin is $39 for Unlimited sites.

Premium SEO pack:

Premium SEO Pack seo plugin

Premium SEO pack is a well-known SEO plugin in the WordPress plugin directory. Local SEO, SERP, optimize the image, video, rich snippet, sitemap indexing, auto-generate sitemap for Google, Bing search engine, and content SEO are the important factors to choose this plugin. It costs $44 on Codecanyon. You can check the page speed, W3C validator, error rectifying pages, media optimization, rich snippet, 301 redirects, social media optimization also.

Which is the best WordPress SEO plugin?

All above the SEO plugins are very good for search engine optimization. All the above the plugins give you the options for writing SEO titles & Meta descriptions for Home page, Category page, blog posts, and other related pages. All these WordPress plugins provide us the option for connecting the social media platforms for optimizing social media.

All SEO plugins give you one focus keyword for each blog post and pages. It shows you the correct format for writing SEO title, page URL and Meta description.

But we are required to pick one plugin. Rank Math SEO plugin gives you all the features that other plugins don’t. This plugin gives you all the premium features like social media optimization, 5 focus keywords for each blog post, and pages.

Here we are comparing the price structure for every plugin yearly wise. Have a look:

Price compare seo plugin



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