Best Bluetooth Speakers available in India – 2020

 Best Bluetooth Speakers available in India – 2020

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With the smart speaker revolution world, Bluetooth speakers still have a special place for users over the world. Users are still searching for the best Bluetooth speakers over search engines and different commercial places. More than 23,70,00,000 users are searching for the best Bluetooth speakers over the different search engines. This is the report from the Google search engine.

Amazon Echo and Google Home are still the most popular smart speakers and have many features to it. They are come with great speakers and connected to WIFI for better performance. They are not portable and waterproof and not useful for outdoors. In the past few years, we’ve used almost 20 different speakers and always research online the best one and most reviewed Bluetooth speakers. There are so many Bluetooth speaker options to choose from the market and it can be hard to narrow down the best ones to meet your specific needs.

We’ve come with the top five best Bluetooth speakers on the market based on price, portability, sound quality, build quality, and travel specifically. We’ll be taking a look at products in every budget range starts from 500 rupees to 2500 rupees.

We’ll have an option for you so if you’re interested in finding out which Bluetooth speaker will be the best for you, comment here. So check out our list of the top five best budget Bluetooth speakers in 2020. For more information on the products, I have added the links below the image.

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5 Best Bluetooth speakers list:

1. Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2:

mi compact bluetooth speaker 2
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Mi Compact is the best seller and budget based Bluetooth speakers. With 6 hours of battery backup and pleasant sound quality, this is a best home based speaker. This gives a 10m range and comes with a 2W speaker. This is a very gadget and you can carry inside your pocket also. The weight of this product is only 12 g. This device is waterproof and comes with a single color.

If you need it for watching movies, Netflix, or Amazon prime then go for it and buy it from amazon.

Battery capacity480 mAh
Charging time1.4 hours

2. Boat Stone 170:

Boat stone 170
Image credit @canva

You probably haven’t heard about this boat Stone 170 Bluetooth speaker. With a very fair price, it comes with a 5W portable speaker and 6 hours of battery life. According to my suggestion, Boat speakers are the best among these industries. This device comes with an 1800 mAh battery and Bluetooth v4.2.

If you want something that can fulfill your house party or a small gathering for 10-15 people, this is the best one to use it. This is light enough to carry for campaign, travel, picnic, and IPX6 Water-resistant design.

Color:Blue, Black, Camo Green, Electric Blue, Maroon
Battery capacity1800 mAh
Charging time2.5 hours

3.Boat Stone 200:

Boat Stone 200
Image Credit @canva

With more than 10 hours of battery backup, this is the best among the list. This device comes with unique designs and IPX6 waterproof. The Boat Stone 200 is perfect in its size, offering very good sound, bass. If you are looking for the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker on the market, then I’ll recommend this one.

Boat stone 200 launched on 2016, 4 years old now, and come with 3 varients.

Color:BLue & back combination, orange & black combination, black
Battery capacity1500 mAh
Charging time4 hours
Boat Stone Grenade
Image Credit @canva

Boat Stone Grenade best portable Bluetooth speaker and my favorite Bluetooth speaker. I am using this Bluetooth speaker for the last 1 year, more than 8 hours of long battery capacity with 60% volume. This gadget comes with a 5W speaker, Bluetooth v4.2, wireless range of 10 m, a built-in mic for hands-free calling, IPX6 Water-resistant design. If you are looking for the best Bluetooth speaker with your average budget, you’ll go for this one.

More than 60,000 users purchase this product from Flipkart, Amazon, boat official site.

Battery capacity1200 mAh
Charging time2 hours
JBL Go 2
Image Credit @canva

When it comes to audio accessories, JBL is well known for its sound quality. The company maintains its reputation for the last 20 years. JBL maintains the same with Go 20. This device comes with a 3.1 W speaker, 5 hours of battery backup, IPX7 Waterproof design. If you are are looking for the best Bluetooth speaker in the market with a 2000 INR budget, then this is the best one to choose from. JBL Go is the best portable speaker to carry in your pocket, bag for camping.

Color:Black, Grey, Orange, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Green, Champagne, Red, Navy
Battery capacity730 mAh
Charging time2.5 hours

All above the links are detailed of the product and I’ve added the amazon direct purchase link so you can get more details easily. These are the 5 best Bluetooth portable speakers available on Amazon, Flipkart. These devices are the best choice for your travel time, campaign & picnic.


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