7 Best Web Hosting Providers in USA – 2020

 7 Best Web Hosting Providers in USA – 2020

If you are looking for the best web hosting for small business in USA, UK, France, Canada, in 2020 with less price, this is the best place to find the perfect web hosting company. If you are a blogger or want to start your website and look for good web hosting in your preferred location, we’ll provide you a list of the best web hosting providers.

It would be best to choose the best Web Hosting in 2020 is Secure, Fast, Reliable, Easy Setup, Good Customer support.

This is the best reason to choose your web hosting . Many big companies like Bluehost, Namecheap, Godaddy, 123-Reg, Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, and Linode provide good services to their customers. They provide web hosting in different shapes and sizes like Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS, managed Hosting with different RAM, HD, and SSL.

Today, we’ll about the best web hosting for small business  and what are the small web hosting companies apart from these big companies and the advantages, cost calculators, support systems, and extra features. We’ve managed almost 100+ websites with these servers and share our experience with you. You may check out these server companies from the USA, Canada, UK, Nigeria, Germany, and France.

Today, we discuss the in-depth review of the tips for money-saving, the best hosting for different businesses, choosing the perfect plan, and selecting the best hosting companies among these. We are going with an alternate solution to choose the best hosting for our business in 2020.

It seems that choosing the best web hosting in 2020 may be a very tough task for anyone. There are many questions in your mind: What should be the best hosting for my business? Should I go with Shared web hosting or Cloud hosting? or VPS? Should I create a static website or landing page? How much should you pay for web hosting? How to choose the RAM and HD? Should I create any business email id for my business?

The answer to all of these questions is “it depends“. After all, we have different needs for different situations. For example, a person should go with a blog website; another person wants to create a business site or an E-commerce site. We are here to choose a good hosting package plan according to our needs.

Best Web Hosting providers for small Business:

These are some of the best web hosting companies you may not hear about before. You may go for these web hosting companies as they provide the best affordable plans and good customer support also.

Disclosure: When you purchase any hosting service or any products through our links, we sometimes earn a commission, with no extra cost to you.


#1. Interserver - Best Web Hosting for Small Business

Start your website today with the best hosting plan. Start your website with $0.01/mo

Unlimited Storage space, Unlimited Data Transfer

Free encrypted SSL certificate

Standard weekly backup with 99.99% Uptime guarantee

Free cPanel, File Manager, phpMyAdmin

Interserver is one of the best web hosting companies in the USA. With more than 561k visitors per month. They have a good reputation among the industries.

They’ve good hosting plans starts from $0.01 for the first month and providing affordable hosting plans according to your budget. They have a good reputation for customer support. They are providing 24/7 support along with uptime.

For the beginners, the web hosting plans start from $5 along with cPanel and if you want VPS for your large traffic sites, you’ll go for cloud VPS. The Cloud VPS starts from $6 per month and supports CMS scripts. If you are a WordPress user and need a WordPress Cloud server, you can go for WordPress VPS.

Note: If you’ll choose Cloud VPS, then the company provides you Self-healing Hardware. The question is what is Self- Healing Hardware?
Suppose your site is hosted on any USA server and there are some issues on the hardware system, instead of affected the complete website the AI of Interserver moved it to another node with the lightning-fast speed.

This is the best service you’ll get from the company with 99.99% uptime guarantee. You’ll choose billing per month and billing per year. They are offering discounts on billing per year.

#2. AccuWeb Hosting - Best Solution for Shared Hosting

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

Start your website today with the best hosting plan. Start your website with $0.01/mo

10 GB Pure SSD Storage, Free Website Builder – 400+ templates

Free encrypted SSL certificate

Standard weekly backup with 99.99% Uptime guarantee

Free cPanel, Unlimited mySQL Databases

AccuWeb Hosting offers a variety of excellent hosting plans at an efficient price. They have a good reputation among overseas working for more than 17 years in these industries. AccuWeb Hosting provides server locations all over the world. USA, UK, Singapore, South Africa, India, and Australia are the major server location for the users to choose their targeted customers.

I’ve added this web hosting to my best choice because of the good reputation and best plans for WordPress users. WordPress users may find the best hosting solution by choosing Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress hosting.

When I am searching over the Shared hosting plan, they’ve included Shared Hosting SSD and Shared Hosting Cloud options. These plans come with cPanel, Free SSL, Unlimited MySQL databases, free Domain Name, Free Emails, 100% Uptime Guarantee, and 24/7 Support.


Note: I always recommend my users choose Linux Hosting, which is more secure, fast, and reliable.

If you have a larger audience of more than 200k per month, you may choose Cloud Hosting (Linux Cloud Hosting), WordPress Hosting for getting a fast and optimized server.

Benefits of Cloud Server:

  1. Host Unlimited Websites
  2. Free SSL
  3. Support PHP 7.0 and above
  4. Free cPanel
  5. One-click install script WordPress, Joomla, Magento

Choose your plan according to your site traffic, choose your server location and choose the billing cycle and move on. The more you choose the billing cycle, you may get more discounts. Grab your deal on this Black Friday season and find out the best plan suits you.

#3. WebHosting.UK- Friendly Hosting Plans

Start your website today with the best hosting plan. Start your website with £2.49/mo to £59.92/mo

5GB SSD Storage

Free Domain Name with 1 year subscription

Standard weekly backup with 99.99% Uptime guarantee

If you are targeting UK users and are looking for a good, affordable hosting company, then you should check WebHosting.UK. They’ve affordable hosting plans starts from £2.49/mo for 2 websites. Ranging from Domain to Web hosting & Website builder at very good affordable plans, WebHosting.UK provides you a 99.99% uptime guarantee and a 24/7 support team.

The WordPress Hosting plan starts from £0.99/mo up to £7.49/mo which comes with SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, host 15 sites with WordPress tool kits.

The VPS plans start from £12.95/mo that comes with 30GB SSD, 2GB RAM and 1 free IP address.

#4. Domain.com - Best Affordable Hosting

Start your website today with the best hosting plan. Start your website with $3.75/mo to $13.75/mo

5GB SSD Storage

Get a FREE domain name for one year with every hosting plan*

Use coupon code DOMFREE at checkout

Starts from 5 FTP users, 10 MySQL databases

Domain.com is the best site to purchase your domain name. This company has only 2 types of hosting plans. The first one is shared hosting and the second one is WordPress hosting. If you are going with other web hosting companies, you may found various plans according to your need.

Domain.com offers a good plan for the bloggers which starts from $3.75/mo for a single site. That’s better for a web designer to choose and not confused about choosing any other hosing. It offers a $6.75/mo plan which is very affordable for the beginners. This price includes Unlimited Disk Space, unlimited data transfer/ bandwidth.

#5. Web Hosting Pad - Best Shared Hosting with Website Builder

Start your website today with the best hosting plan. Start your website with $1.99 / month 

Unlimited database with Automatic Backups up to 3GB

Get a FREE domain name for one year with every hosting plan*

Standard server speed, Let’s encrypted SSL certificate

  • Free Website Builder Unlimited sites
  • Business Emails

Web Hosting Pad offers a range of good dedicated servers at an effective price. If you are going with Website hosting, you’ll get 2 packages. Power Plan and Power Plan Plus are the most popular plans you may consider. All the plan offers Free Domain, Free SSL Encryption, Free website Builder & WordPress, unlimited Email accounts, and host unlimited sites.

There is a good Scalable Plan Structure with free analytic tools and a moneyback guarantee. Website Builder, Mini hosting, WordPress hosting are the major options for the users according to the budget.

They offer VPS plans which start from $19.95/mo with 80 GB disk space and provides you with reseller hosting.

If you are not aware of coding and want to create a fast landing page with a Website builder’s help, web Hosting Pad provides you a quick solution. Quickly create eCommerce website & SEO features with easy drag & drop features. Weebly is the best Website builder for small businesses. Start using it $1.99/mo plan.

#6. iPage - Affordable Monthly Plan

Start your website today with the best hosting plan. Start your website with $1.99 / month

Unlimited storage, Unlimited bandwidth

Get a FREE domain name for one year with every hosting plan*

Free Domain Transfer

FREE SSL Certificate

  • Free Website Builder
  • 1,000s of free templates
  • FREE email address

More than 1M users visit iPage web hosting every month. iPage continues to impress in almost every aspect with speed, security, reliability, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee. iPage is the most reputed web hosting company in the USA, along with its quality of work.

It offers basic shared web hosting from $1.99/mo and WordPress web hosting from $3.75/mo. Apart from that, iPage offers Domain and Website Builder also. The starter pack of iPage Website Builder is free, and premium plans start from $6.99 with free hosting.

#7. Rebel.com - Best for WordPress hosting

Start your website today with the best hosting plan. Start your website with $3.90/mo plan.

20 GB SSD storage

FREE LetsEncrypt SSL certification

  • 100 Custom email addresses
  • Daily backups
  • Plesk WordPress Toolkit
  • Plesk Obsidian control panel

Best web hosting for the USA, Canada, targeted users with an affordable hosting plan. The interface of this website will attract you for sure. If you are looking for a Canada server or targeting users in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Rebel.com is the best affordable hosting company.

The small Web hosting plan starts from $1.50/mo, and the premium plan is $6.30, which comes with 4x performance, unlimited sites, free SSL, and 30 days money-back guarantee. Rebels.com provides classic Hosting, WordPress hosting also.

The VPS hosting plans start from $8.10/mo, and the premium VPS plans start from $45/mo. All the web hosting plan includes Free Domain, free cPanel, daily backup.

#8. Contabo - Good Scalability

Start your website today with the best hosting plan. Start your website with €2.99/mo plan.

50 GB SSD storage

1 Free domain .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info

FREE LetsEncrypt SSL certification

  • 1000 Custom email addresses
  • Website Builder
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • 20 My SQL Database

With the Good scalable plans to match your idea. Contabo landing page looks unique, and the hosting plans are also providing you a good compare value to the other hosting companies. With a 99.99% uptime guarantee, 24/7 customer support, and good comparison plans are the main advantages to choose this hosting company.

It offers a simple website hosting plan from €2.99/mo with 50 GB Webspace, Unlimited Traffic load, free SSL, 1000 Business emails for free. They offer a free domain for every hosting plan. Contabo is most popular for scalable bandwidth and marketing tools.

They offer VPS, Virtual Dedicated Server, Servers, Outlet Servers, which are less expensive than other Dedicated server companies. Do you believe if you find a VPS plan with €3.99/mo, which comes with 4 GB RAM and 300 GB SSD storage? Dedicated Server price starts from €36.99/mo comes with 24 GB RAM, 180 GB SSD storage capacity.

All the Contabo servers are located in Europe and the USA. The Contabo server is the best alternative option for UK users.

What is Website Builder:

Website Builder is the most prominent for creating an instant Landing page. If you don’t have any coding knowledge or WordPress knowledge, you can easily manage by the drag & drop features. Most of the Web hosting companies provide you Website Builder, which comes with auto-generated themes.

If you want a blog on the Website Builder related topic, comment here. We’ll come with a free demo with Website builder setup and customization.

website builder map

Tips for choosing the best web hosting for your project?

It would help if you were considered 5 Major points before choosing the best Web Hosting for your Site:

  • Select business ideas and start a plan according to the user’s needs. If it’s a blog or static site, you’ll go with shared web hosting or static web hosting. If you want to run a website with high traffic or a larger site (dynamic, E-commerce), then you’ll go for VPS or Cloud hosting.
  • Beware of Pricing tricks. The website hosting companies offer you a very low-cost plan at the beginning, which is for 24, 36, or 60 months plans. Always look at the total cost before purchasing the hosting.
  • How trustworthy is the provider? Look at the site’s traffic, country of host, guidelines, terms, and conditions. Always look to see how long they’ve been in this business. Find over Google and check Facebook and other social media for details.
  • Creating a simple landing, you don’t need to purchase a website hosting. Consider choosing Website builders that come with SSL, SEO tools, free hosting. Migrate your content and images easily with a good subscribe plan.
  • Make yourself comfortable with the Website making and choosing the best hosting along with the RAM, HD.

How comfortable are you with creating a site? If you are looking for anyone who can create your site, contact us. We are experts in choosing the best plan for you.

Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated web hosting... What to choose?

Shared hosting service, share your space with other sites and other web hosting accounts. WordPress hosting is similar to shared hosting, but they are a more powerful and high-speed SSD. If you are going with a higher WordPress hosting plan, providers added cloud hosting to depend upon the cost and traffic.

VPS and cloud servers are the same in meaning. VPS servers have multiple sites on the same server, but they all have dedicated space managed by the software. Cloud hosting is similar to VPS; instead of space on one server, you get space across multiple servers. If your server down because of any sites, the host moves your site into another server.

A dedicated server gives you a complete server. No one can get the space and configuration on your server. You can control it according to your need.

Which of these you should take?

If you run a small site, Blog with low traffic, then goes for Shared hosting or WordPress hosting. If you receive more than 25000+ visitors/month, go towards premium WordPress hosting or VPS or Cloud hosting.

If you run a dynamic site or eCommerce site, then go for VPS or cloud server. If you have high traffic above 100k/mo, go for dedicated hosting instead of choosing any VPS or running downtime.

Last tip: Web hosting: Paid or Free?

From 2019 onwards, you may find many companies come with very cheap low-cost plans with web hosting and claiming they are the best providers worldwide. Some may provide you free hosting plans to start a demo. According to my experience, don’t go for any of the Free hosting plans.

Limitation of Free hosting?

  • No support assurance
  • No backup
  • No security
  • Less protection on the SSH
  • Less Firewall protection
  • Won’t get an encrypted SSL


You won’t save money on Web servers or web hosting. If you are worried about the web hosting price or package, you cannot generate revenue. I am also worried about some cheap web hosting packages, and I have lost my WordPress website. Getting more traffic and revenue, you need to pay some extra dollars. We have listed the 7 best web hosting for small business.

Today I’ve added the best web hosting providers for small business even you don’t hear about them since they are working for the last 10+ years. You might get some best plans for your web hosting.

I have added the 7 best web hosting for small business in the USA apart from one web hosting company in India. Whether you are searching for the lowest price or robust technology, you don’t need to be confused if you want any help from Buzyvibes to choose the best package, comment here.

If you are still confused about not getting the right hosting plan for you, contact us immediately. We are here to suggest to you the best hosting plan according to the plan and strategy.

NOTE: We are not going to take the cost for the suggestion.

Disclosure: When you purchase any hosting service or any products through our links, we sometimes earn a commission, with no extra cost to you.


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