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500,000 witness Shroud’s return to Twitch


After the Mircosoft’s shutdown of ‘Mixer’, Micheal “Shroud” Grzesiek was finally back home to Twitch. Attracting more than half a million viewers even before the start of the stream, Twitch was all ready to welcome the streamer.

The stream start was delayed and the resolution was capped to 720p due to the viewership. Shroud was seen playing ‘Valorant’ with a concurrent viewers of around 410,000-475,000. Shroud now has the lion’s share of viewership of Valorant on Twitch accounting for over 80% of the total viewership.

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Shroud now tops the most-viewed Twitch charts. The veteran now plans on continuing stream on Twitch alongside his Fortnite playing contemporary “Ninja” after Microsoft’s shutdown of Mixer.


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