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5 Best Blogging Tools to help you work faster

best blogging tools

Are you a new blogger or you are not using these free web tools in 2020 for your blogging career? You may waste your time searching for the right images for your content or you always search images for your Social Media platform. There are 5 best blogging tools for new bloggers which can reduce your time and ease your daily life. Check out these web tools and speed up your works.

We are adding the best tool for Stock Images, the best online photo editor (alternate of Photoshop), image compressor tools, the best graphic design, image size solution, and color gradient for you. These are the essential tools for a blogger in 2020 to start creating great content ideas. These tools also give you great suggestions like Facebook post image size, Instagram image size, Twitter, Linkedin image sizes.

Let’s Discuss 5 best blogging tools:

So Let’s discuss 5 Tools for new Bloggers that are used on almost every web design project. Almost 70% of New Bloggers used these tools for their daily life to start creating amazing content.


best blogging tools unsplash
image credit @Unsplash

The top of this list is Unsplash, the best stock images source. Most of the new bloggers always find a way to download premium images in a tricky way and most of them are using some premium images downloading sites like Shutterstock, Adobe stock. Very few of them know about Unsplash which is a free tool to provide premium pictures. Even i am also using Unsplash for my blogging channel and also for other blogging platforms. You don’t need to login here, just go to the site, search the images, and download the images for your project.

Alternate of Unsplash: Pixabay

Pixabay is also a good source of images. Get the best stock images here.


best blogging tools pixlr
image credit @Pixlr

This is an online photo editor. Quickly rescale or edit your images using Pixlr tool is very easy. This is an alternate version of Photoshop. Change your image brightness, image color control and many more options are available here. This is a completely free version and no login required to start the editor.


best blogging tools tinyjpg
image credit @TinyJPG

Image is an essential part of your blogging life. Image optimization is the main reason for speed up your website. TinyJPG is the best online image compression tool. You may found thousands of websites if you are searching for an online image compressor. TinyJPG is the best source to start compressing the images easily. You can compress 20 images at a time here. Some websites may ask you to upload only JPG files for start compress the images, but TinyJPG is accepting .jpg and .png file.

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CSS Gradient:

image credit @CSS Gradient

This is an online backend gradient editor. Choose your color combination or choose the gradient, when done just copy the HTML code and add it to your website. Using this site may help you with a better color combination from a large space. For a new blogger, this is a very good way to start design the website using the CSS gradient.


image credit @canva

If you are a new blogger or professional one, you should know about this site very well. Creating amazing designs using canva is very easy. Creating social media images, custom design images, logo, posters, banners, presentation, thumbnail, animated designs, creating videos are the main features of Canva.

Canva is an amazing powerful design tool. Over 6.7 million people are using canva to create stunning graphics for social media and for prints. Create engagement posts and graphics for your social media, blog thumbnail, youtube thumbnail is the main reason for me to use Canva.

The use of canva is very easy. Simply log in to your canva account, create designs, and download .png or .jpg version. Design you have created is automatically saved to your account.

We have added the top 5 blogging tools. Comment here if you agree with us. Check out this blog if you are a new blogger and looking for online SEO tools.

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