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29 malicious Android apps with adware have been removed from the Play store


Google removed 29 apps from Google Play store. Some of them are banned as Govt of India has reported malicious activities, and others apps have been banned world wide as they were not satisfying google’s policy.

These applications carrying adware were detected by White Ops’ Satori threat intelligence team. It was a part of the security company’s “CHARTREUSEBLUR” investigation. Most of these applications were photo editing apps allowing users to blur the background on their pictures for free.

Google has removed 29 apps, which include Auto Picture Cut, Color Call Flash, Square Photo Blur, Square Blur Photo, Magic Call Flash, Easy Blur, Image Blur, Auto Photo Blur, Photo Blur, Photo Blur Master, Super Call Screen, Square Blur, Square Blur Master, Smart Blur Photo, Smart Photo Blur, Super Call Flash, Smart Call Flash, Blur Photo Editor and Blur Image. These apps also had different versions registered with the same name, which brings the total number of apps to 29.

Most important thing with these apps that after installing the apps on your smartphone it disappear from your mobile app library. You can’t get the app in your app drawer and you cant delete that by searching the particulate app.

Click on the download button to get the app list and remove from you phone ASAP.


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